Outreach Strategy


Part 1 <

1.Tour of the Drexel/Penn labs and general introduction to nanotechnology “in action”.

a.Classroom application of toured technology.

i.     SEMClassroom relevance:excitation of electrons radiate energy.Different elements emit different energetic patterns, therefore giving each element own energetic “signature”.

ii.    AFMClassroom relevance:to be related to the Lego/Black Box exercise conducted a month earlier.

iii.MEMS/”Lab on a Chip” Tour – details of the tour will depend upon current research being conducted, however the goal will be to have the students see, and possibly handle, the materials with which I have worked in the lab.A short tutorial on microfabrication will be necessary before the visit to the lab.

Part 2

2.Visit to the “Nano Day” in October.

i.     Ungraded 1 page paper will be required to hand in after their experience.   Focus:What applications of nanotechnology did you find most interesting” or “Can you see yourself entering a field of study involving nanotechnology applications?”By having the students write the paper, they cease to become passive participants in the world of nanotechnology and are forced into active cognition.In doing so, they are more likely to believe that field of nanotechnology is a very viable option of them in the future.

Part 3

3.Invitation to the RET-NANO coordinators and/or scientists to speak at our Holy Ghost Preparatory School to explain Drexel and Penn's summer opportunities for high school students.

Part 4

4.K-Nex competition with fellow RET-NANO teachers’ students at Drexel University