Grant Sketch

Working Title of the Project:  Molecular Biology in Secondary Education

Funding Source:  Genetech, Inc.

Rationale for the Project:  Often, DNA/RNA, Protein Synthesis is taught from notes and lecture without laboratory experience.  This lack of hands on work is a function of 2 factors:  lack of time and lack of resources.  The project hopes to add both variables to the school.

Goals for the Project:  

1)  Educate students in experimental design an technique.

2)  Teach students cloning strategies and techniques commensurate to university level standards.

3)  Students will develop skills in scientific communication by means of creation of a poster of their results/data.  This poster will be submitted in a regional science fair.

Non-Technical Explaination of the Project:

The school will sponsor a Genomics Club where students can manipulate DNA and inject it into bacteria.  in doing so the bacteria will express a new genetic trait.

In participating in this project the students will have experience with scientific prinicples and equipment that would only be available to them at the university level.  As a result, the students will have a far greater depth of understanding of genetics than they would have had if just taught "from the book'.

Location of the Project:  Holy Ghost Preparatory School

Project Timeframe:  1 school year

Planned Activities:

1)  Tutorial/lesson of all equipment/reagents

2)  Lesson(s) on molecular cloning strategies

3)  Molecular cloning experiments

4)  Lessons/discussions on scientific writing.

5)  Poster presentation at local science fair and/or school assembly

Key Staff Names:  Michael Seminack, Genomics Club Coordinator

Staff Responsibilities:

1)  Coordinate scope and sequence of lab activities over the alloted timeframe.

2)  Teach biological principles involved.

3)  Order lab materials.

4)  Communicate meeting times with lab members.

5)  Communicate expectations for all members.

Budget Element:

1)  1 Thermocycler

2)  8 gel rigs and 4 power supplies

3)  small freezer

4)  optical density machine

5)  DNA purification kits

6)  4 sets of micropipettes (3 per set)

7)  small vortex

Budget request : $10,000

Outside Partners:

1)  Nazareth Academy

2)  Villa Joseph Marie Academy

Plan for Sustainability:

The most expensive items which is requested under the grant may be used indefinitely. Connsumable items are fairly inexpensive and the costs will be absorbed by the participating schools in future years.

Other Possible Sources for Funding:  Honda, Inc.