Introduction to Drexel/Penn Ret-Nano Experience

Michael R. Seminack

Summer 2008


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The focus of the research performed in Dr. Noh's lab revolves around microfabrication and microfluidics.  Just as microchips revolutionized the manner in which people now use computers, microfabrication has a very bright future that will alter the landscape of many scientific fields.

For years, biologists have performed cell culture in a very bulky, expensive, and time consuming process.  Additionally, one one or two experiments could be run at a single time, decreasing the efficiency of the experimental process.  Advances in microfabrication create small "labs on a chip" where separate experiments are run in parallel.  Since the reagents are minimal, expense is drastically reduced.  Lastly, it is possible to design experiments wherethe "chip" is more representative of the in vivo culture in which the cells usually reside.

A second beneficiary of microfabrication is the development of microdevices for medical purposes.  Current theoretical microfabrication based devices used to innervate incredibly small areas of the body would have been unheard of 10 years ago.  Today, they promise great benefit to many.

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