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  • Access the online textbook by going to OneClay and logging in with your student number and school computer log-in password.

    Click on "Class Links" to see a list of all of your digital textbooks. Choose our Houghton Mifflin textbook. Log in again with your school number and password. Use the <> arrows to move through the available resources until you see "Student E-Book." Click it to enter the textbook.

    For easier processing, click on the speaker symbol to have professional voice actors read the material to you while you read along!

  • Go to the "Forms and Docs" page for our class syllabus

  • Looking for vocab? Go to the "Reading List," where our featured vocabulary is listed by reading selection.

Students and parents:  please use this site to stay up-to-date with assignments and to access resources.

Please check Focus for current grades, and watch for codes and notes with specific assignments when applicable.

Ms. Eastman's CODES in Focus:

X: Exempt (no points assessed/no penalty)
AB: Absent (student earned a 0 for "in-class" points for the day due to absence, whether excused or not); point recovery assignments are available and must be completed within three school days of the absence/upon return to school, whichever is later
T:  Testing (student was pulled out of class for mandatory state or county testing)
!:  Turn in (assignment not yet received)
R:  Resubmit (for full credit)
OT:  Off Task
P:  Plagiarism/Cheating (confirmed copying/allowing copying of work, inclusion of unattributed source material or using source material when inappropriate, or other cheating, such as sharing exam answers) = automatic zero for the assignment; a Plagiarism point recovery option is available upon request.
NG:  No grade entered yet; work may or may not have been received