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Welcome to Ms Dziewior's Kindergarten Class!
Check out all the cool things that we have been doing and learning about in class!  When your child tells you he/she did NOTHING today at school, come here to find out what we really did - and it wasn't just "playing" all day - although who says learning can't be fun!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

posted Apr 15, 2014, 3:50 PM by Jenny Dziewior

We were OBSESSED with finding and catching leprechauns!  We even had to build a leprechaun trap for homework to try to catch those tricky fellows, but as one student put it, all of our traps failed. :(

Here are some of the things we did in class (including the "leprechaun visit" related to this green holiday!

We graphed (numerous ways) the marshmallows from a box of lucky charms.  Did you know that lucky charms are apparently a leprechaun's favorite food?

We used magnet letters and a "pot of gold" to work on phoneme substitution and basic phonics skills.

We had a bag of words and had to put them together to make a sentence.

We each colored a leprechaun, and then cut it in fourths, and had to "trade" 3 of our four pieces with a different friend, so each fourth of the leprechaun was made nu a different kid!  

And FINALLY.... the leprechauns came!!!!
We carefully placed our leprechaun traps all over the room the night before St. Patrick's day in hopes of catching a leprechaun...

Above is what our classroom looked like when we came to school on St. Patrick's Day...  the leprechauns TRASHED it!  (Although they did spring all our traps, left tiny paper footprints all over, and even some fake gold!)

We rushed into the room to check our traps, and search for leprechauns!

They left us several note, along with a special one about "magic powder".

The magic powder turned GREEN when we added water!  Since we had to put hot and cold water into it, we needed to put it in the refrigerator to cool off.  We thought that when we ate it later that afternoon it might turn us into leprechauns, but it was only jello!  Those tricky leprechauns!

Needless to say, I think we ALL went home exhausted that day from leprechaun chaos and sightings!

Dr. Seuss is on the loose!

posted Apr 7, 2014, 5:09 PM by Jenny Dziewior

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we did several activities that focused around him, his books, and silly/real rhyming and nonsense words!  Here are some of the things we did...

We made thing one and thing two (or thing 20 and 22!) "costumes" and had to write -ing words in the hair!

We used green (or yellow) eggs and ham to practice building word families.  Here the student is making -et family words such as let, met, net, set, etc.

This student is rolling word family/letter dice to create words. He has to decide if the word is a real word, or a silly Dr. Seuss word!

This activity is based on the Dr. Seuss book Wacky Wednesday.  We had to look at the picture and find all the "wacky" things, such as the lady has a hot dog for a leg.  Then we had to write all the wacky things we found in a complete sentence.  In the background you can see two kids listening to Dr. Seuss stories on the I-pads.

Dr. Seuss provided the perfect reason to review our rhyming skills.... except this time instead of matching rhyming pictures, we had to read and match rhyming WORDS!

During math we played some games related to Dr. Suess books as well.  We used Swedish fish to help us count and determine if a number was odd and even during one fish two fish odd fish even fish.  We rolled a dice, and divided that number of fish between two bowls.  If the number of fish in each bowl was the same, the number was even.  If the bowls had different numbers, it was odd.  Little did the kids realize this is also the beginning of division and fractions!

Of course this week's special snack was the cat in the hat, made out of Oreos, graham crackers, frosting, and pull and peel licorice!  Yummy!

We even practiced reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books!

Hooray for Dr. Seuss!

Hip hip Hooray for the 100th Day!

posted Mar 4, 2014, 3:06 PM by Jenny Dziewior   [ updated Mar 4, 2014, 3:07 PM ]

We were soooo excited about the 100th day of kindergarten!  We had 100's of things to do, so we couldn't fit them all in just one day!  Here are some of the things we did leading up to (and after) the 100th day of school!  In some of the pictures you will see us wearing our super-cool 100th day hats!

We sorted fruit loops into 10 groups of 10, and then strung them on yarn to make a 100 piece of cereal necklace.  Yummy!

We worked in partners to put all 100 numbers, in order, on the 100 grid.  Knowing number patterns made this MUCH easier than counting to figure out where each would go!

We wrote our names (over and over!) on the 100th grid, and then colored all of the same letters the same colors, to reveal some really neat patterns!

We found 100 different things hiding in the number 100.

We were give 100 seconds to draw a picture... which we quickly discovered was not a very long time!

                                                                                                                                              We jumped for 100 seconds (talk about tiring!) and then rested for 100 seconds to catch our breath!

We found 100 Hershey kisses hiding all over our classroom.  Each kiss had a number on the bottom, and we had to put it on the correct spot on the 100 grid.  Good news - we found them all!  Of course we wanted to eat them, so I held up a number card, if you could read the number, you got to go eat that Hershey kiss off the grid.  Very motivating!

We created a "recipe" for a 100 piece snack mix.  The rule was, you had to have 100 pieces when you were done... how you got there was up to you!  While many just did 10 groups of 10, some took advantage of the "rule" to choose more of the things they liked... such as 20 chocolate chips, but only 5 raisins - Clever!

Pajama Day!

posted Feb 11, 2014, 3:34 PM by Jenny Dziewior   [ updated Feb 11, 2014, 3:39 PM ]

What's more fun the wearing your pajamas to school!  Doing lots of fun things with your friends while wearing them of course!  Below are some of the fun things we did!

We read books on our blankets.  Just adding a simple blanket made is soooo motivated to read!

For writing, we wrote about what we do to get ready for bed.

We measured our stuffed animals using objects from around the classroom

We had an indoor snowball fight!  Many of us were afraid to tell our parents or the principal because we thought we were going to get in trouble!  I had written sight word phrases on white paper.  The kids got to crumble them up like a snowball, and were given one minute to throw them all over the room (not at people).  Then we had to find a snowball, open it up, and read it. If it was read correctly, the kids got a point.  If I had to tell them what is said, I got a point. Needless to say the kids won each time!  And I am STILL finding snowballs! (Thank goodness they don't melt!)

We also played a game where we had to see who could melt an ice cube the fastest by, depending on the roll of the dice, shaking salt on it, putting it in warm water, or even putting it down our shirts!  If you want to play at home, you can grab a copy of the game HERE.

And of course, we ended our day by watching a movie and eating pizza (on our blankets of course!)

Penguins (and more) part 1

posted Jan 28, 2014, 10:48 AM by Jenny Dziewior

We are practicing number words.  At this center, we roll a dotted die, and the use the bingo dotters to stamp the number word on our paper.  Since we are just learning how to read the number words, students can use a chart that has the numeral written next to the number word to help with identification.  This student is using the chart to help her read!

At the listening center, students had to listen to a factual book about Penguins on the I-pad, and then write two things they learned!

At the art center, we are painting and measuring penguins.  We had to paint the scarf in the pattern of our choice, and then use unifix cubes to measure how tall he is.

At the Promethean Board center, we are sorting pictures by what beginning blend they start with.  Blends are trickier than beginning sounds, as they are the first two or three letters that start (or end) a word.  We know flag starts with /f/, but now we have to listen to the sound that comes after it!  Is it /fl/ or /fr/?

Working on decoding and reading, at the ABC center we had to read/sound out words and decided if they were real words, or silly/nonsense words.  The penguins served as clues as real penguins don't wear clothes!  Next week we will be doing experiments to figure out how penguins stay warm in the snow and ice!

Here a student leader is pointing to the words, while we read a winter themed book.  Pointing to the words while reading works on voice to text matching, one to one correspondence, as well as helps with word identification!  After we have become familiar with the text, we use these skills to partner read the book before it goes home to be read to you!  Repeated readings help with fluency, as well as word identification.

Yum!  We made penguins out of oreos for snack!

Our new math series comes with math trays and manipulatives, to help students practice and internalize the concepts we are working on, and to develop a deeper understanding.  Here we are working on all the partners for a number.  The number 7 would have the following partners: 0+7, 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, 6+1, 7+0.  This student is showing 3+4=7 with her tiles, and made the matching number sentence (math fact) to go along with it!

Winter is the perfect time to practice symmetry using snowflakes!  Here is an online game that we played to practice the concept, before having to make our own symmetrical snowflakes!

Winter is also a great time to build snowmen out of sight words!  The longer the word, the taller the snowman!

Literacy is "snow" much fun!

posted Jan 20, 2014, 12:24 PM by Jenny Dziewior   [ updated Jan 20, 2014, 4:12 PM ]

We are sorting pictures by what word family they are in.

We've been practicing identifying short and long vowel sounds (long vowels say their name), and sorted pictures in the pocket chart, and on the Promethean board.

At the writing centers, we had a bag of sight words and winter words.  We had to pick a winter word, and come up with a sentence about it, that makes sense, before we could write it down.

We had to work with a partner to create a snowman out of materials in the art center.  We practiced compromising, taking turns, and considering the other person's feelings.  We did a great job!

We  made snowflakes out of paper at the fine motor center.  We thought this was SOOOOO cool!  We cut out a circle, and folded it like a piece of pizza, and then cut shapes out of the edges.  AWESOME!
We also made digital snowflakes on the Promethean Board (you can do these at home too!  Just click the link HERE)

And finally, we have been learning about opposites.  It is very hard to try to explain what an opposite is - but I think we have it figured out now!

Keep warm!

Misc. Math!

posted Jan 16, 2014, 3:10 PM by Jenny Dziewior

In addition to working on beginning concepts of place value, such as seeing teen numbers as 10+___, here are some of the other things we have been doing to sharpen our skills!

We used marshmallows and toothpicks to make both 2D and 3D shapes.  Then we had to draw the shapes and record how many sides and corners each had.  We LOVED this activity!

ally marks can be tricky!  That's why we have been practicing them!  As you can see we are getting quite good at them!

Here we are playing the "money trade game" to practice trading 10 pennies in for a dime, and then 10 dimes for a dollar.  We roll a die, and this tells us how many pennies we get.  When we get 10, we can make a trade.  This not only helps us with basic money skills, but also reinforces the place value concepts we have been working on!

To help with Geometry and spacial relations, we have been using pattern block shapes to "fill" in other shapes like a puzzle.  We have to know how to turn and rotate the shapes, in addition to looking at the space to fill, to decide which is the best shape to use!

Here we are practicing compliments of 10.  We roll a die, and record the number, then have to figure out how many more are needed to make 10.  While some of us are getting so good we can do this in our head, we have the ten frames to color in to support (and visualize) our learning.

Number writing can be a tedious chore - but it is much more fun when we can choose an artic animal blank number grid to write on!  Now we can write for hours! (or at least to 100+)

Happy New Year!

posted Jan 16, 2014, 1:08 PM by Jenny Dziewior

We read the Book Squirrles New Year Resolution, as a way to get our brains ready (and familiar with) the concept of a resilution - something we want to do better, or learn how to do, etc, while we are in kindergarten.  (Some of us thought learning how to drive would be a good resolution for this year!)  Then we made these "happy new year" party people, and wrote our resolutions.  Below are two of them!
"I want to help my sister to try and be good"

"I want to learn how to read."

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