Extra Credit World Studies

Limit 50 Points Per Semester!

First Semester Extra Credit

  1. Read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.  Write a summary of the book that explains the form of government that exists in the "Brave New World."  What do you think about this world?  Would you want to live there?  What are some of the problems with this new world?  How does it relate to what we've learned about democracy? (50 points)
  2. Read 1984 and explain the system of government in the novel in a 2 page paper on the book.  (50 points)
  3. Watch the movie Elizabeth.  Write a summary of the movie.  (30 points)  Find historical inaccuracies in the movie and write about them (50 points).  
  4. Watch the movie Luther and write a summary of the movie.  (30 points) First semester only
  5. Watch the movie Romero and explain how Romero's life is similar to or different from Luther's life. (30 points)
  6. Watch the movie Cromwell and compare it to the YouTube Video linked under the English Civil War that gives the "Irish Perspective."  Write up the perspective differences. (30 points)
  7. Write a paper on how Napoleon changes warfare.  (50 points)
  8. Attend a City Council meeting and give a report on the meeting to the class.  (25 points)
  9. Keep a journal with news clippings and update the class on how the news relates to the events discussed in the news 4 times.  (40 points)
  10. Go to Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and create a 10 minute lesson on some aspect of the French Revolution that you found interesting on this site.
  11. Watch V for Vendetta and write a 1 page reflection on the connections between the movie's plot and Guy Fawkes Day in England (November 5). (30 points)

Second Semester Extra Credit

  1. Watch the Last Samaurai and write a one page reflection on how changing war technology brought by the imperialists from the west changes Japanese politics and society. (30 points)
  2. Read Salt by Mark Kurlansky and keep a reading log with your reflections on what you thought was interesting as you read (1 paragraph per chapter). (50 points).
  3. Read Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles by Richard Dowden and keep a reading log with your reflections on what you thought was interesting as you read (1 paragraph per chapter). (50 points). 
  4. Watch Gandhi with Ben Kingsley.  Keep a timeline of events in Gandhi's life as the movie progresses with a brief description of the event.  (30 points) 
  5. Talk to the Text on the pdf file found here.  It's a New York Times newspaper clipping from 1890 on the ocassion of Otto Von Bismark's resignation.
  6. Watch The Somme (WWI) and write a one page reflection on how the attitudes towards war changed during World War I. (40 points)
  7. Explore 2 topics on www.FirstWorldWar.com--spend one hour on this and write a reflection on what you've learned.  (20 points)