Welcome to the Mixed-signal System Design Laboratory (MSDLab.), established in 2009, at Kwangwoon University. We have conducted studies on the design of high-speed mixed-signal systems including interconnects. With rapid developments in sensor and digital technologies, high-performance mixed-signal systems in diverse applications have been in greater demand. 
Because of the coexistence of noise-sensitive analog signals and noisy digital signals along with the increasing speed of signals, state-of-the-art technologies are required for the design of a mixed-signal system and those technologies are also required for many other system design.

We, at MSDLab., focus on application-oriented studies by bridging the gap between theoretical analysis and experiments. 
Current research topics are as follows: 
  • Vehicular electronics
    • Physical layer design for in-vehicle networks
    • Automotive power distribution and grounding
    • Energy management for hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Instrumentation and measurement systems
    • Improvement in time measurement accuracy
    • Front-end electronics for medical imaging
    • Cable fault detection based on time-frequency domain reflectometry 
To prospective graduate students
    - MSDLab. welcomes those who are interested in our research topics and want to study with us. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Hansang Lim at lhs@kw.ac.kr.