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Prezi Overview:

Prezi is a FREE web 2.0 tool that you can find on the internet. You do not have to download anything to use it!!! 
You can use Prezi for family, work, school, and teaching. If you would like to sign up for a free account go to: http://prezi.comWith Prezi you can create an interactive presentation. You can zoom in and out of your Prezi while presentation. Prezi is really good for big audiences. The presenter can show the "big picture" and all the small details. With Prezi you can use images, videos, and text to create presentations. You can use Prezi to share ideas, display work, or even try to persuade an audience. Prezis are similar to web-based maps. 


  1. Sign up for a free account on http://prezi.com
  2. On Prezi's home page click on sign up (requires basic information)
  3. Once you have clicked sign up scroll down and click on "Get" under the free column
  4. Fill out the information in order to sign up
  5. Click on +New Prezi to create a presentation fill out title, description (optional), and choose your template
  6. Once you have filled out your title, description and chosen your template click on "Create"
  7. Click anywhere on the background to enter text 
  8. Click on the text to use the "Prezi transformation Zebra" to move your text and images back and forth, and even rotate              Prezi transformation Zebra
  9. Edit the size of your text, images using the Prezi transformation Zebra
  10. Next click on "Insert" in the "Bubble Menu" in the upper left hand corner to upload your images, PDF files, text, or even videos                                             
  11. Click on "Frame" in the "Bubble Menu" to add a frame around your text
  12. Click on "Colors and Fonts" in the "Bubble Menu" to choose color, themes, and fonts
  13. Click on "Path" in the "Bubble Menu" to create a path for your show
  14. Clink on "Add" under "Path" in the "Bubble Menu" and the your text and images one-by-one to create your path
  15. Click on "Save" in the task bar at the top of the page
  16. Click on "Show" in the "Bubble Menu" to view your Prezi
  17. For further instructions: First click on this link:  http://prezi.com/learn/ and then click on "Get Started" to watch a tutorial video on how to make a Prezi                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bubble Menu

Ways to Use Prezi in the Art Classroom:

  1. Prezi can be used as a dynamic Venn Diagram on various art topics.
  2. You can use Prezi to show You Tube videos as part of a presentation on art, artists, or personal artwork.
  3. Use Preiz for presenting images. A good thing about prezi is that you can really zoom in and out on individual pictures as well as your entire creation.
  4. Teachers or students can use Prezi to create interactive vocabulary lists, such as a list on color theory. 
  5. Teachers can also use prezi as a assignment for students. You can have your students create their own prezi on topics such as art history, artists, personal artwork, and more!
  6. Teachers or students can use Prezi to create a study guide for art exams or quizzes.
  7. Prezi can also be used as a collaboration tool. Students or teachers can use Prezi to collaborate on a Prezi for up to five weeks. All individuals can participate from home with a computer and internet connection.


Below is an example of a Prezi that I made on Navajo weaving. 
Please click on the link below to view my prezi!