I am thrilled to welcome the class of 2021!  This is my fourth year working as a counselor in Norwalk.  Before working in Norwalk, I was a counselor for a community agency in Danbury.  I love my job and watching my students mature and learn over their three years in middle school.   Middle school is a challenging time for students and their parents; please let me know how I can help.  

When I am not at West Rocks I enjoy being outside as much as possible.  I like to go hiking, boating, biking and working on my yard.  Life moves very fast these days and can get very stressful so I practice mediation.  Meditation is disciplined silence.  That means NO cell phone, NO music and NO talking.  It is a welcomed pause in a busy life.  I have even started sharing these practices with staff and students to help them find serenity in our chaotic schedules.  Stop by the office to give it a try!

Además, yo hablo español y con mucho gusto ayudar a las familias con las traducciones.