Mouhamadou Saliou Diallo is a computer scientist with more than five years of experience in teaching and research in computer science and is a member of the IT team of the Laboratory of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis. He teaches several Computer Science modules in several public and private universities in Senegal.

He obtained a MSc in Computer Science with a very good grade and graduated top of his class. Thanks to a scholarship from the French Embassy in Dakar and a scholarship from the French-speaking academic agency, he became a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Tours in France and the Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis. His areas of interest are: Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Preference Modelling, Software Architectures, Bioinformatics, Semantic Web, Machine Learning, BiG Data,Cloud computing, Industry 4.0. His research work has been published in several publications, including Elsevier's Journal Information Systems, which is one of the most prestigious in its field. He has participated in the supervision of several students in Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science. He is also a member of the Jury of Defence of about twenty bachelor's and master's degrees. He also participated in the mid-term thesis presentation of PhD students. It should be noted that Dr. DIALLO is also very committed to advancing informatics in his country: he holds the position of Vice Secretary General of the Senegalese Association of Researchers in Computer Science. He is currently involved in several computer science research projects involving several universities in Senegal and around the world. He also works as a Research Engineer in Computer Science at the Icube Laboratory of Strasbourg University,