Mahesh Shantappa Dharne

Senior Scientist,
National Collection of Industrial Micro-organisms (NCIM)
National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL)
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan
Pune 411 008, Maharashtra, INDIA

E Mail-
Phone (Lab) +91-20-25902450
Fax- +91-20-25902671

Research areas-Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Theme: OMIC tools to explore microbial diversity for biotechnological applications
Major Activities- NCIM Resource Centre

For training/ project programs/ PhD admission/ postdoc positions in the laboratory: I welcome enthusiastic master students (JRF qualified/not qualified) and doctoral fellows (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics) who are interested in participating ongoing research activities. Please contact by email, stating how your expertise will be helpful for our research.

Current members
Mr. Gajanan Mehetre (CSIR-JRF, AcSIR Jan 2013 Batch)
Ms. Vidya Sonalkar
Ms. Garima Bhadauriya (Dissertation student, Apr-June 2014, M.Sc. Biotechnology,@ Jiwaji University, Gwalior, M.P. India)

Ms. Neelu Soni (Dissertation student
Dec2012-May2013, M.Tech. Biotechnology, @ D.Y. Patil, Mumbai, M.S., India)
Ms. Pratiksha Naik Bholnekar
(Dissertation student, Jan-May 2013, M.Sc. Biotechnology,  @ Dr. D.Y. Patil, Akurdi, Pune, M.S.,India)
Mr. Nilesh Kolhe (Project Assistant II; in NCIMRC project, Jan2013-Mar2014, M.Sc. Microbiology @University of Pune, Pune,M.S., India)
Mr. Yogesh Kumbhar (Dissertation student, June2013-Mar 2014, M.Sc. Microbiology@ Modern College, Ganeshkhind, Pune,M.S., India)

Funding in laboratory:
CSIR-NCL start-up grant (2012-2014)
CSIR- 12th FYP grant (2012-2017)
DST-SERB YS grant (2014-2016)

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Research papers (PubMed citations- DHARNE M)

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Review/ minireview/news/clipboards

Rastogi G, Dharne M, Patole M, Shouche Y, Genomic test beefs up meat purity standards, 2004. News article in Nature News,  India Edition.

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