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The following letter is from our 7th and 8th grade Open House.  If you were unable to attend, please feel free to email me with any questions you might have. 

Dear Parents:


It's hard to believe but it's that time of the year again, the beginning of a new school year. Welcome back to Falcon Cove! 


While you’re not part of the teaching staff, you are just as important to your child’s educational experience  as we are.   Your child receives the best education when you and we work as a team.  It's your enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspires your child to do his/her best; it’s a teacher's ability to teach what they need to learn. Together we can achieve wonderful things.


There's a lot of excitement awaiting your kids this year, including new teachers to meet, new classes, new books to read, new friends to enjoy and new skills to master, and we look forward to seeing you share in those exciting times with them.  I know how fast time goes by.  One year your child's in 1st grade and seemingly in the blink of an eye, they're in their last years of middle school.


This is my first time as a Peer Counseling/ Peer Tutoring teacher so any suggestions or comments that you have about our class will certainly be appreciated.   If you have questions about your child’s activities or anything else on your mind, please feel free to email me anytime at  I will respond within 24 hours.  


In closing, I encourage you to fully embrace every moment and urge you to  take the time each day to love and appreciate your wonderful child!  Truly, these are the best times of your life.    


Right now, while you’re waiting for the bell, there are a few things that I need you to do. 


1.     Located in the hallway are laptops with an open database ready for your contact information.  Could you please sit down at any one of the computers and take a minute to enter your info?  I send out frequent emails, and I want to make sure your contact information is on the database so that you’ll receive the inside classroom scoopJ  

2.    When you’re done with your data entry, if you’re up to it, please take another moment and let us snap a picture of you and your child.  You can sneak a peek later on our class website and see your pics.

Lastly, when you get home tonight, please visit and register as a Falcon Cove volunteer.  This is so important!!   If you would like to chaperone on a field trip, assist with a class activity, chaperone a dance etc, you need to register.   You can not volunteer at any school unless this registration is complete per Broward County guidelines.



Parents, thank you for your commitment to your child's education and we look forward to seeing you in the very near future.




Jeannie Dempsey




Ms. Dempsey – Rm 102 H



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  1. Falcon Cove Tutoring Philosophy


  1. What is a Peer Tutor?


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  1. What do Peer Tutors do each day?


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