Human Anatomy & Physiology Links

Fetal Pig:

Fetal Pig Virtual Dissection

Urinary System:
Website 1: Hemodialysis
Website 2:  Peritoneal Dialysis
Website 3:  BiologyMad Kidney Tutorial

Digestive System:
How does digestion work?

Three Phases of Gastric Secretion animation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Obesity website:

Molecular Structure of Fat slideshow:
How the Body Uses Fat slideshow:

The "Bad" Fat Brothers:

Dietary Analysis/Nutrition:
Use this link for your individual dietary analysis
(Note: You need to register your email address first to use the site, however, its free)

Another site that may be useful for looking up foods that don't have nutrition labels:

This is another food journal which can be used to look up foods (but remember that all nutrient analysis of your diet must be done in!)

Cardiovascular System:
Intrinsic Cardiac Conduction System animation:

Blood Groups/Typing & Game:

Matters of the Heart:
Animation #1:  Hyperlipidemia
Animation #2:  Hypertension
Animation #3:  Coronary Artery Disease & Heart Attack
Animation #4:  Angiogram
Animation #5:  Angioplasty & Stenting
Animation #6:  Atherectomy
Animation #7:  Bypass Surgery

Tutorial 1: Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
Tutorial 2:  Heart and Blood Vessel Basics
Tutorial 3:  BodySmart: The Circulatory System

CyberHeart: Self-quizzes
WebAnatomy Cardiovascular System: Self-quizzes

Nervous System:
The Brain:

Sheep Eye Dissection:

Anatomy of the Ear:
Sound and the Ear:
Hair Transduction Channels:
Inner Ear Maculae:
Physiology (Functions) of the Ear:

Action Potential webquest:

Neurotransmission and Drug Addiction:

Mouse Party/Addiction

Skeletal System:
Excellent site for basic overviews of the Skeletal System:

More interactive self tests of bones to try:

A quick way to test yourself on bones!

Alternative Anatomy & Physiology link providing great information & detail on the skeletal system (plus other systems)!

Virtual Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery:

Muscular System:
Physiology of Muscle Contraction Animation (BrooksCole) https://physiology of muscles animation.html

Integumentary System:

Skin Cancer Investigation:

PubMed site:

AMA citation sites: