PA/NJ Promo Opportunities/Events

What: The Events Calendar is a list of various events throughout the season that offer opportunities to promote City to Shore. 
Why: City to Shore growth and success is based on a grass roots effort. Promote City to Shore in an effort to recruit cyclists and increase participation. The goal is that all events on the calendar are attended. 
How: Equipped with City to Shore promotional materials, and wearing City to Shore gear, cyclists and volunteers attend local events to talk about the ride. Click here to reference the Promotion FAQs, Tips & Best Practices 

Sign Up Directions:

  • Review the list of upcoming events to see
    • If there is an upcoming event that needs coverage.  If you are already attending or participating in one of these upcoming events, you can leaflet and promote!
    • If there is an upcoming event, located in one of these PA or NJ counties, that is not currently on the list but you plan to/can attend.
  • Sign up! Complete the Event Sign-up Form or select Event Sign-up Form from the Upcoming Promotional Opportunities Menu (on the left-side of the page) to let us know which event(s) you will be attending
  • Request that promotional materials be mailed to you (If the event is within 5 days, please contact Bike MS Staff directly to obtain materials via rush delivery). 
  • Review the Promotion FAQs, Tips and Best Practices document for more tips and information.

Once your attendance is confirmed you will: 

  • Receive an email from ‘City to Shore Promotions’  with more information from Bike MS: City to Shore Planning Team volunteer Stan
  • See your name added the calendar below
Click here to sign-up to promote at a Bike MS Event