Welcome to Bike MS: City to Shore and Bike to the Bay Promotions

Welcome to another year of City to Shore and Bike to the Bay!

Purpose of this Site: Provide an interactive platform and tracking system for ALL Bike MS: City to Shore and Bike to the Bay cyclists and volunteers promoting the ride. This site, in addition to the Promotional Events Calendar and Adopt-a-Bike Shop lists, are managed by a Bike MS: City to Shore and Bike to the Bay Planning Team. You may be hearing from Planning Team volunteers occasionally regarding your promotions efforts. If you have any questions regarding Bike MS: City to Shore and Bike to the Bay specifically, please contact the Bike MS Staff.

Urgent Needs

New Promotions Team Incentive 2018

Commit to the Promotions Team in 2018 to receive a hot new Promotions Team tech t-shirt. To receive a shirt you must complete the following this season*:

1.    Complete the Promotions Team Commitment Form

2.    Attend/promote at a minimum of 3 Promotional Opportunities/Events

3.    Adopt at least 1 bike shop(s) this season

4.    Place promotional materials at various locations in your area

*Shirts will be provided by mail once you have completed the Promotions Team Commitment Form, signed up for a minimum of 3 events and at least one bike shop, and attended 2 events – completing the Event Feedback Form for each. 

Recruitment Contest
Keep promoting Bike MS and help your Promo team win the Promotions Contest!

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