Impact of Standards on Instructional Practices

The standards were designed to prepare students to succeed in today’s global marketplace and have an increased emphasis on critical thinking and 21st-century skills. The development of these skills begins in the early grades to allow teachers adequate time to teach the advanced material, and to give students adequate time to master it. The standards emphasize not just memorization but conceptual understanding and progressive learning.

Parents should expect to see students engaged in building their analytical thinking skills and applying what they have learned rather than simply memorizing information. More 21st-century skills will be integrated, and the rigor or work will require additional student perseverance and cooperation.

Literacy and mathematics skills that students learn in the first grade, and subsequent grades, have been aligned to those in upper grades, resulting in a coherent learning progression across each grade level.

Common Core State Standards help support the Mahomet-Seymour mission: Community and schools working together to support the highest level of student learning.