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UNIT 1: PERIOD 2, COLONIZATION (1607 - 1754)

Unit Thesis: Europeans and American Indians maneuvered and fought for dominance, control, and security in North America, and distinctive colonial and native societies emerged. 

 Key Concepts for Period  2                                                                                                 Gilderlehrman Period 2 Review              

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Gilderlehrman period 2

APUSH Review of Period 2 (complete ALL of the key concept video guides for that extra credit point, due on the day of the period exam)

Video Review Guide for Key Concept 2.1                                                                       Video Review Guide for Key Concept 2.2

Studying for the Unit II Exam? Some things to focus on...

1. Compare and Contrast Spanish, French, and British Colonization (can you explain the causes and effects of this comparison) 
2. Explain the developing British Colonial Economy (hint...what is mercantilism and give some evidence to explain this economic theory)
3. Causes and Effects of the Great Awakening
4. Compare and Contrast the development of the various Colonial Regions (what factors might you compare and what can your prove using that comparison)
5. Examine the role that religion played in the English Colonies (think about how it influenced settlement and motivation, along with effects on life in the colonies. be able to make a judgement about the overall impact of religion in the colonies)