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Online Newspapers

Includes page scans of the Times from 1851-2008. You can search for a paper from a specific day and download it as a pdf.
An archive of newspapers that google has scanned and made available for viewing.  This list is alphabetical and shows the year ranges for each paper.

Encyclopedias and Timelines

This list includes a number of titles that may contain information to help provide historical context for the project. You can just browse the list.  (There is an encyclopedia that is just about the Vietnam war under the American History section.)
Contextual information for 20th century social movements, reforms, and conditions in the United States.
Includes information on war journalism encompassing all the periods relevant for this assignment.
This interactive map allows you to see an outline of conflicts in during a chosen timespan.  It includes descriptive and geographic information for specific battles.

Magazines in Print and Microfilm

  • Atlantic Monthly. 1857-1949. 1950-1953, 1971-1981 on microfilm.
  • Business Week. 1943-1969. 1970- on microfilm.
  • Ebony. 1961-1968.
  • Economist. 1964-1969. 1970- on microfilm.
  • Harpers Magazine. 1924-1969. 1970-1983 on microfilm.
  • Forbes. 1966-1977.
  • Life. 1936-1972.
  • National Geographic. 1908-2009.
  • The New Yorker. 1958-1969. 1970- on microfilm.
  • The New Republic. 1914-1968. 1960-1969 on microfilm.
  • The Reporter. 1949-1968.
  • Scientific American. 1949-present.
  • Saturday Evening Post. 1955-1978.
  • US News & World Report. 1948-1967. 1968-1970 on microfilm.

Databases and Periodicals

If you want to find out if we subscribe to a particular periodical, check this directory.  It lists all our subscriptions and can lead you to their content when you know which issues (date) you need.
A bibliographic index that covers American history and culture from prehistory to the present.
A massive database of thousands of journals.  This would be a good place to look for a secondary source for this assignment.
Provides indexing for over 550 magazines from the years 1890-1982.

Citation Resources

Citation tool and guide.  Can be used to format APA style bibliography entries.
A general guide to APA style.  Useful both for writing papers and creating bibliographies.
An easy to use tool for creating APA style citations.