Greek & Latin 2

GREEK & LATIN WORDS Prefixes, Roots, & Suffixes

*Six new words on Monday *Flashcards due Tues. * Test on Friday

The tests will be cumulative, which means each test will review the previous words, plus add the six new words. We will be finding words that use the Greek and Latin as prefixes, roots, or suffixes.  Some examples are included below.

Week 2:

7.        act          (to do, to drive)
    a. action - state of doing
    b. actor - one who does something
    c. hyperactive - over active

8.        hyper, super, sur      (over, above)
    a. hypermetric - exceeding normal measure
    b. supervisor - one who oversees others
    c. survive - to remain alive or in existence over difficulties

9.        hypo, sub    (under, below)
    a. hypodermic - under the skin
    b. hypothermia - a condition of reduced temperature
    c. submarine - a craft that travels under the sea

10.      mono, uni    (one)
    a. monocentric - having only one center
    b. monogyny - custom of having only one wife
    c. unison - sounding the same note at the same time

11.      poly    (many)
    a. polyarchy - rule by many
    b. polygamy – having many wives
    c. polyphonic - having many sounds

12.       aut(o)              (self)
    a.   autobiography - story on one's own life
    b.  automatic - working by itself
    c.  autograph - signature by one self

Greek & Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes