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k4fun / MScKM 2012 Graduation Dinner 毕业晚会暨谢师宴 (第四届)
Thanks for Your Participation.  We have a wonderful evening !

Following the tradition of the MScKM program, there is a Graduation Dinner at the end of each year near the Congregation Day.  The idea is to have a gathering with all coursemates and taking the opportunity to express our thanks to the professors.  This is an event voluntarily organized by the current and past graduates, and has nothing to do with the formality of the HK Polytechnic University.  All participants are free to join at their own costs.


The 2012 Graduation Dinner of the MSc in Knowledge Management program will be held in the evening of 2 Nov 2012, organized by the Voluntary Organizing Committee.  Details are as follows:

2012 年的毕业晚会暨谢师宴将会在 2012 年 11 月 2 日 星期五晚上举行,由一群同学筹组成的义务筹办小组来组织安排,具体资料如下:

Date 日期2 Nov 2012, Friday
2012 年 11 月 2 日 星期五
Time 时间6:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm
7:00 pm ~ 10:30 pm
Social Gathering & Photo Taking
Program & Dinner
Registration Deadline
30 Sep 2012 or while seats last
Please register early.  Due to venue limitation, no. of seats cannot be increased.
Venue 地点彩晶軒
(5 min walk across the bridge from PolyU to TST E)
Participation is open to the following:
  • Invited guests are professors involved in the MScKM program, including
    • Prof WB Lee
    • Prof Eric Tsui
    • Prof Benny Cheung
    • other professors pending for confirmation
  • 2012 graduates 应届毕业生
  • past graduates 前届毕业生
  • current students 当前学生
  • MScKM & KMIRC friends 友好
Come and see how the KM people work together !
All participants should enrol at their own discretion and on basis agreeing to the participation fee and resolutions.

Participation Fee
The participation fee is estimated to be around HK$250~$300 per head.  Professors' shares will be borne by 2012 graduates.  All fees will be based on actual cost, inclusive of venue, dinner, equipment, materials, and gifts, etc.   A non-refundable deposit of HK$200 per head will be collected from all registered participants.    Exact costs will only be available on the event day, therefore final payment will be collected on the spot.  For details and method of payment, please refer to "Fee".  Deposits should be paid on or before 10 Oct 2012.

参加费用预算为每位港币 $250~$300,受邀请之教授部分由应届毕业生负担。所有费用将会基于实际支出,包含了场地、晚宴、工具、无聊、礼品等。每位参加者需先付港币 $200 不能退还之预付金。实际支出要到当天宴会才能计算出结果,所以费用余额会在当天晚上个别结算。有关费用及付费详情,请参阅 "Fee"。预付金应于2012年10月10日前缴付
If there are any changes with any participants, the deposit will NOT be refundable as costs like venue/dinner reservation cannot be cancelled.


All the costs and accounting will be published in this Google Site after the event is over.  The Voluntary Organizing Committee wants to make sure everything is fair and transparent to all participants.

Your Contribution
We are sure you are not coming just for a good dinner.  We believe you deserve more than that - a evening of good memory.  Therefore we deliberately request your further participation and contribution, to make sure you have no regret coming to this extraordinary event.  What is it ?  Please refer to "Your Contribution" for more details.

你的参与不仅仅是为了一顿丰富的晚餐,相信你更希望拥有一个值得纪念的晚上。所以我们大胆的要求你进一步的参与及贡献,让你的来临无恨无悔。是什么参与,请参阅 "Your Contribution"。


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