Korean Wave

Here you will find information on the course Korean Wave in a Global Perspective at the International Summer Campus of Korea University.

This course will provide an overview of the current expansion of Korean popular culture known as the Korean Wave or hallyu.  The course will examine various media, including film, television dramas, and popular music (K-pop), from a variety of perspectives both within Korean and around the world.  Special effort will be made to draw artistic connections between examples of contemporary media and their historic precursors and origins.  In this way, the course will situate Korea’s modern popular culture within a historic framework and will provide a global perspective for Korea’s cultural exports.  Class time will be devoted to viewing representative films, dramas, and music videos, etc., either in their entirety or as excerpts, as well as listening to musical examples.  Taking specific media examples as points of departure, we will explore through discussion and individual and/or group presentations points raised through assigned readings, student response papers/journal, and other assignments. 

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