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Mythology webquest


Exploring Greek Mythology: an ancient webquest

Edited from a webquest by Rachel Rydzewski and Sallie Piotrowski- Waunakee Middle School
We are looking for your help with a student mythology resource booklet for Roosevelt. 
“Traces of Greek mythology can be found throughout society, from advertising campaigns to classic literature. Understanding the basics of Greek mythology will give you a deeper understanding of the impact Greek culture has had on our society.

We have high hopes for your ability to put together an overview of Greek mythology …Take a deep breath and get mentally prepared for your task ahead!

You are about to begin a voyage of the grandest proportions. You will meet men with extraordinary powers, devilish gods and terrifying creatures. There are no rules in the world of mythology, but beware: you must always be willing to face the repercussions of your actions!  We will be traveling far back in time where the only way to share these stories was to speak them.  These tales come from the mouths of ancients and were spread from generation to generation.  You are about to begin a journey, an odyssey and an adventure. This webQuest of information is your passport.   It is your boarding pass, your entry ticket, and you will create the guidebook.”



Within this webquest you will learn:

  • Each Greek god/goddess represents a value of the ancient culture.
  • Greek mythology reveals what behaviors were rewarded and which were punished within ancient Greek culture.
  • The choices and actions of the Olympians usually affect or explain the world.
  • Many companies and advertising campaigns rely on Greek gods and/or myths.

Within this webquest you will be able to:

  • Identify the names of famous Greek figures, as well as what each is known for.
  • Recall background, details, and/or stories about one Greek god or goddess.
  • Analyze the values of our society today, in order to create a modern "god or goddess" that holds power in our culture.

Before you can create a page in the parent resource book,  you must research and learn all you can about Greek mythology.  Once you are an expert yourself,  you will research one specific god or goddess, and create a biographical page for the resource bookFinally you will create your own modern Greek god or goddess, based on the values of our society today.  You may go on to Process 1 in order to begin!


The Word documents you will need to complete Process 1, Process 2, Process 3, and the Writing Assignment are in Attachments below.

Process 1

Did you know many advertising companies use ancient Greek mythology for their logos?

Here is the logo for Good Year tires.

The foot with a wing on it came from the ancient messenger of Zeus, named Hermes. Hermes was known for his speed. The founder of the company had a statue in their home, similar to the one pictured below. They decided to simply use the foot of Hermes, and the logo has lived on from generation to generation.

In order to learn more, you will explore the following links. You must print and fill out the Process 1 Handout with as much information as you can find. Remember that some links are more helpful than others, so make sure not to use just one.


Identifying Greek gods/goddesses:     

Greek Mythology and AdvertisingGreek Mythology and Company Slogans/Logos


Greek Culture Websites:                 

Once you have successfully investigated the basics of Greek mythology and filled out the handout for Task 1, you may move on to
Task 2. 



Process 2

Now that you are familiar with ancient Greek culture and Greek gods/goddesses, it is time to further explore the immortal figures. During this step of the webquest, you will choose one god or goddess to research.  You may choose a Titan or an Olympian.

You must download, save and fill out the Process 2 Handout (linked in the Resources section below) about the god or goddess that you choose.  This handout will serve as a page in the parent resource book, highlighting the most important figures of Greek mythology.  You may do your own internet search or use the links provided from Process 1.  The search engine www.about.com is helpful for this handout. You need to type in “Fast Facts about _________” (the name of the Greek god or goddess that you are researching), and many helpful categories are available.

You may copy and paste an image from the internet, or you may use the computer to draw or create your image. 

Once you have completed Process 2, turn in to Edmodo before you proceed to Process 3.


Process 3

Finally, you are at the last stage of the webquest. For this final step of the project, you will reflect on what values, ideas, skills, trades, aspects of nature were valued in ancient Greece. Can you think of anything that stands out in your mind as being important to the gods and/or goddesses?

By exploring Greek mythology, we can get a better understanding of what was important to the gods/goddesses. The immortals were given reign or power over many aspects of their lives. By looking at the research you completed for Process 1, you may notice that the following were all important to the gods:

clouds rain battle reason wisdom purity
light marriage archery music hunting sun
moon war fire artisans marriage soil

What values, ideas, skills, trades, or aspects of nature are valued in the 21st century? For this final section of the webquest you will create a modern day god or goddess. You will be creating a made-up character that represents a modern day value (ie cell phones or AIM).

Create your own modern day Greek god or goddess!

Step 1

You must download, save and fill out the Process 3 Handout (linked in the Resources section below)
Create a modern day god or goddess.  Turn in to Edmodo.

Step 2

You will now write a paragraph about the modern day god or goddess that you created which represents one aspect of our society.  
Click on,  download, save and refer to  the Greek mythology Writing Assignment (linked in the Resources section below) for your paragraph.

Step 3

Once you have your handout complete and your paragraph written, you should have developed a  god or goddess repesenting an aspect of our modern society. You will be required to stand in front of the class and share about the god or goddess you invented.

  • Your presentation should be at least one minute long.
  • Effort is very important for this presentation. Show your peers that you took the time to prepare.
  • You may use note cards during your presentation.
  • You must dress up like your god or goddess. This means you will share the information about "yourself" as the god or goddess. See Ms. Chaloux if you are unable to create a costume at home.
  • You must bring in a prop, artifact, or symbol to share with the class. You will share how the object reflects your god/goddess' personality and/or power.
  • In your presentation you will share:
    • Why you created the god or goddess that you did, in other words, why is this value important or interesting to you?
    • Does your god/goddess reflect a positive or negative value of our society?
    • The significance or the object/prop/artifact you brought in.














 Process 1 Handout


Research and Inquiry

Please re-do.  Incomplete and/or unacceptable.

So-so.  Some information inaccurate or not completed thoroughly.

Well done.  Information accurate and thoroughly. 

Outstanding!  Accurate, thorough, and interesting information.  Be proud!



Process 2 Handout


Digging Deeper


Please re-do.  Incomplete and/or unacceptable.

Needs improvement.  Research not evident. 

Nice.  You have successfully found information about a god/goddess. 

Exceptional!  You went above and beyond to present clear, accurate, and significant information.



  Process 3 Handout

Let the Creative Juices Flow!

Please re-do.  Incomplete and/or unacceptable.

Needs work.  You have not yet developed a god/goddess.

Good.  You thought of a god/goddess that stands for some aspect of society.

Awesome!  You have created a unique god/goddess that reflects  society's values.




Process 3 Presentation

Let me introduce myself!

Please re-do.  Incomplete and/or unacceptable.

Needs more effort!  You have not followed the presentation requirements.

Met the requirement.  You dressed up, brought in an object, and talked about yourself as a god/goddess. 

WOW!  Your outfit, artifact, and information all intrigued the audience and made us reflect on society's values.




Congratulations on completing the webquest! We are very excited to use your mythology resource pages for parents to learn more about the 7th grade curriculum! Thank you for your expertise!

Look around you and keep an eye and ear open for symbols that may have originated in Greek mythology. Let your teacher know if you are interested in reading more mythology, and we can guide you to available literature.

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