Myungsu Chae

I am a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NOTA Incorporated (AI Tech. Start-up).
My Curriculum Vitae can be found here (last updated: 29th, October, 2018).
[NEWS] My research paper has been submitted to NIPS 2018 Workshop on Machine Learning on the Phone and other Consumer Devices.



Research Experience
My primary research interest is applying machine learning (ML) algorithms to real-world fields. More theoretically, I am highly interested in Multi-task learning, Multi-modal learning, Network compression.
  • Network compression for on-device ML
    • Research period: 09. 2018 - Current.
    • Main role: Developing core algorithm for network compression and managing the project.
    • Research output:
    • End-to-end multi-task learning from speech
    • Analysis of blinking patterns from a sensor
      • Research period: 11. 2016 - 02. 2017.
      • Advisor: Sungkwan Jung (Team leader, KI-ITC)
      • Research output:
        • A Device Binding Method based on Content Illumination Pattern in Public Display Environment,
          by Sangsik Kim, Joonyoung Park, Myungsu Chae, Sungkwan Jung (these authors are equally contributed),
          PLOS ONE, under secondary revision, 2017. (SCI Extended, IF (2017): 2.766)
        • Digital Signage Thrives,
          by Sangsik Kim, Myungsu Chae,
          Introduced in Bizline (TV program), Ep. 197, Arirang TV, 2016. [link]
    • Outlier detection and pattern recognition
      • Research period: 07. 2016 - 12. 2016.
      • Advisor: Sungkwan Jung (Team leader, KI-ITC)
      • Main role: Developing {a predictive model / an outlier detection model / a clustering model} of power usage.
      • Research output:
        • Consulting for Outlier Detection and Pattern Recognition through Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Data,
          by Myungsu Chae, Sungkwan Jung,
          Technical Report, Korea Electronic Power Corporation Research Institute (KEPRI), 2016.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Real-time Face Recognition using OpenCV embedded on Raspberry Pi.
      • Tumor Severity-level Classification from Brain MRI.

    Awards and Honors

    Extra Activities (Academic)
    • Participant, The 16th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), Dec. 2016.
    • Participant, The 29th Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Dec. 2015.
    • Participant, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Winter School, Feb. 2014.
    • Academic Mentor, Tutoring Program, Soongsil University, 2011 - 2012. [Photo]
    Extra Activities (Leadership)
    • Distinguished Recruit Award, Korean Army Training Center, Jan. 2017. (Selected 3 out of 133 trainees) [Photo]
    • Vice President, Graduate School Basketball Team "KAISER", KAIST, 2015 - 2016.
    • Participant, Asian Science and Technology Pioneering Institutes of Research and Education (ASPIRE) E-Olympics, Aug. 2014. [Article]
    • Club President, Basketball Team "OPTIMUM", Soongsil University, 2011 - 2013.
    • Student Representative & Student Union, Dept. of IISE, Soongsil University, 2009 - 2010.

    Contact Information

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