(I wanted to take down this site as this is almost a disgrace and I have no time to make it better, but I got several requests to get it back.
If anyone would be willing to develop this site, I would be very grateful. 

Msc-generator is a tool that draws Message Sequence Charts or generic Graphs from textual descriptions. 
It is a practical alternative to mouse based drawing programs such as Visio or PowerPoint. 



  • A rich signalling chart syntax to describe arrows, boxes, comments and more.
  • A superset of graphviz to describe graphs.
  • A large set of fully customizable visual attributes - or just use pre-defined styles.
  • Export in PNG, PDF, SVG, EMF and EPS formats.
  • Full OLE support on Windows - embed charts into PowerPoint or Word documents and double click to edit.
  • Updated ribbon-based Windows user interface, tracking mode, full screen and print support.
  • Built-in editor on Windows with color syntax highlighting, smart-ident, auto-suggest and auto-complete.
  • Support for command line operation on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

See a few example signalling charts here. More in the documentation below.


The latest version of Msc-generator can be downloaded on Sourceforge. For Windows a full installer is provided, for Linux and MacOS a source tarball is available.


The user manual is available in HTML and PDF. Doxygen documentation for the code is here.