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The Muswellbrook Seniors Computer Club (MSCC) is located in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia.

A prime objective of our club is to teach seniors in the district to use and enjoy the benefits of computer technology and to provide a seniors oriented resource that members can comfortably call on to help solve their computer related issues.   Our club constitution

Our weekly training is conducted in a positive and friendly environment where seniors learn from other seniors. They can learn what they choose to learn and they can learn at their own pace.  The club encourages members to bring their own project and/or laptop to the training sessions.

A number of members are tutors and committee persons who enjoy what they are able to give to others. Meetings of members are held as required to share ideas and help seniors resolve issues they may be having. 

Who can join the MSCC?

  1. Firstly you MUST be a member of the Muswellbrook Senior Citizens Association. Joining is simple and we do ask new members to supply basic contact details. You can make yourself known by contacting the Club Vice President or Training Co-ordinator. Their contact details are on the Business & Who's Who page. Association membership is currently $6 to join and $3 renewal each year. The Computer Club membership is currently $10 per year. There is a $3 charge for each two hour training class. (Exceptions apply)

  2. The membership year for both the Association and Computer Club is the financial year, that is, 1July to 30 June. If you join on or after 1 April in any year, Club membership is until 30 June the next year but Association membership renewal will be required in the year of joining.

Where and when does the MSCC meet?

Training classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are two classes on each day: 9 am to 11 am and 11 am to 1 pm. However, classes may be cancelled due to a variety of reasons so you should contact the Training Co-ordinator to verify that classes are scheduled.

What will the MSCC do for me?

This document has some handy Questions and Answers for New Members.  A summary of our benefits are:
  • Provide low cost training specifically designed & timed for seniors.
  • Provide contacts with people of similar interests
  • Help you connect to the Internet and provide emails of interest.
  • Help you to reach out to the world, to develop new interests, to use that 'damn thing you paid a lot of money for'.
  • Help you purchase and upgrade a computer
  • Help you outsmart at least your kids (often not hard), and possibly even the grandkids (MUCH bigger challenge!!)
  • Have fun doing it all!