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Algebra 1

AP Calculus

AP Physics


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Algebra 1

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Lesson Plans for the Week: 

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1. A three-ring binder or notebook devoted solely to this class divided into three sections: class notes, homework, quizzes and tests (a good notebook leads to better grades, since you will be more organized)

2. Loose-leaf paper and Graph Paper

3. TI-84Plus Graphing calculator.


Expect assignments each class. Please attempt every problem and show your work.

Papers must include: Your name, Class title, Page number and assignment, and Date.


Quizzes will be given at any time during the course. They may or may not be announced.



Tests are always given at the conclusion of a chapter. You will have sufficient notice of when tests will be given.


Homework 25%

Quizzes  25%

Tests    50% of interim grade


Exams are cumulative for each semester and will count for 20% of the semester grade.


When you have an excused absence please use my website to track your missing homework, quizzes, and tests.

It is your responsibility to know what work needs to be made up and by what date. You may not make up any work during regular class period.

Extra Help:

I am available for extra help during Day A, Blocks  and Day B Blocks   . If you would like to meet with me at a specific time please make arrangements ahead of time. Please do not delay seeking help when needed.

Honor code:

You are welcome to work in groups on homework assignments, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the work that you hand in is yours. Quizzes,tests, and exams should be individual efforts. This includes discussion of tests and quizzes outside of class with those who have not yet completed them.

I am looking forward to a successful and exciting year with you!