Why do we celebrate national holidays? by behnkm10 on GoAnimate

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GoAnimate is a free website that allows you to make your own videos. They provide different backgrounds and avatars for you to use. All you have to do is provide your own script, which consists of twenty lines.   GoAnimate allows teachers to add voices to the avatars. GoAnimate has different voices from around the world to choose from. You can also record your own voice easily. Avatars can also  speak in different languages. GoAnimate will translate the script from one language to another. Other cool features that GoAnimate has include: famous celebrities are avatars, avatars with different accents, and automatic translation from one language to another.

GoAnimate can be used by teachers in many different ways. They can use it to create videos relating to their lesson plans. For example, a teacher can create a video that can be used as a hook to a lesson about different forms of matter. Teachers can have students create their own videos for projects. For example, students can use GoAnimate to create videos for their Spanish class to demonstrate conversational skills. GoAminate can be used to create hooks, reviews, or even to teach simple concepts.

Life Events by behnkm10 on GoAnimate
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It only took me less then ten minutes to create each video. There were many different avatars for me to choose from. Once I picked the avatars, I then picked a background. I typed in the text I wanted and chose the voices that I wanted to use. It was really fun listening to all of the different voices and recording mine. I could see students enjoying recording their own voices. I was surprised how simple it was to create each video and was surprised that I had not heard of this tool before and I began to imagine all of the different ways I could use it as a teacher. I could see myself using GoAnimate as a tool to introduce a new lesson. I could also see using it as a closure for lesson by having a video that reviewed key concepts. GoAnimate could also be used by students to create their videos for a project or an assignment.

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