The Importance of Reading

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Each night as part of their homework routine, students are to read 20 minutes from a book of their choice.  The importance of nightly reading is clearly illustrated in the following visual - 

In addition to reading, students will write a Best Thinking Letter {BTL} one day per week.  These letters will be graded periodically.  Please see the attached files for the BTL expectations and a sample letter.  Students BTLs are due according to the following schedule.

Tuesday                          Wednesday                          Thursday
            Brianna                             Daniela                             Dyshaun
             Heidy                               Jason                                Leilane
             Kharlin                             Monica                                Milan
            Nicholas                             Nylah                                Jaden
            Madeline                            Sakari                                Olivia

I am Thankful for...

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I am Thankful for… 


                          Brianna’s creatively detailed drawings.

How Daniela actively participates in every lesson.

Dyshaun’s dream to become a professional football player.

Heidy’s beautiful smile.

Jaden’s frequent hugs.

Jason’s sweet demeanor.

Kharlin’s passion for playing the trumpet.

How much Leilane loves to learn.

Madeline’s love of reading!

Milan’s interest and growth in writing.

Monica’s good sportsmanship.

Nicholas’ neat ideas!

How kind Nylah is to others.

Olivia’s willingness to help.

Sakari’s love for her family.

I wish all of my students and their families a safe, restful break! 

Enjoy your time spent with your loved ones!

Love, Mrs. Cook

New Email Address!

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Riverhead Charter School has recently switched to a different email provider.  
Mrs. Cook can now be reached at the following email address: jcook@rcsli.org

Scholastic Book Club Orders

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Fourth Grade News

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Please be sure to click the Fourth Grade News tab for the most recent news from our classroom.

Bits & Pieces!

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We are happy to have made it through the first two weeks of the school year with our new fourth graders!  Over the past two weeks students have enjoyed participating in various team building and getting to know you activities with their new classmates and teachers.  We also learned about and practiced our classroom procedures and established our school-wide and classroom expectations.  Our week ended with a nature scavenger hunt as we kicked off our Open Spaces project -- more info about this exciting project coming as the year progresses!
 The week of September 18 will bring about a more structured and academic focused daily routine including new learning in all of the content areas. 

Riverhead Charter School Meet & Greet will take place on Thursday, September 20th.  You may join us at 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. in our classroom for an in-depth insight into our fourth grade class.

To further instill our sense of unity as a school community, all students are to wear their RCS logo polo shirts to school on Friday, September 21st.  Logo polo shirts can be purchased through French Toast.  Be sure to use our unique school code
QS5NXGJ when ordering from the website -- www.frenchtoast.com

We look forward to working with you and your children this year and hope to see you on Thursday!

Students documenting their observations while on a nature scavenger hunt.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

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Dear Fourth Grader,

            Welcome to fourth grade!  We are so excited to have you in our class this year and are looking forward to meeting you in September!

We hope you are having a wonderful summer!  We’ll be looking forward to hearing some great stories from your summer vacation during our first week of school.  We have spent the summer reading many books and enjoying great food, family, and friends.  We cannot wait to hear all about your summer adventures too! 

We are sure you are getting ready for an exciting and challenging year in fourth grade.  Be sure to check out our supply list.  Start collecting each item on the list now so you are ready for the start of the year.  Please remember to bring all of the items on the list with you on the first day of school.  In addition, come prepared on the first day of school with some photographs and/or magazine clippings you can use to decorate your Writer’s Notebook.

            We are going to have a wonderful year together in fourth grade!  You can look forward to many exciting activities and a fun-filled classroom.  We encourage you to always put your best foot forward and we will make it a great year.  Enjoy the rest of your summer break.  See you soon!


Mrs. Cook & Mrs. Borst

P.S. Don't forget to check out our supply list attached below.

Open Spaces Celebration

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Throughout the year, students from Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Borst’s 4th grade class participated in the Open Spaces Stewardship Program {OSSP} through Brookhaven Lab.   This program encourages students to perform environmental research on properties in their community.  The students’ hard work was recognized at the OSSP Celebration at Brookhaven Lab on June 7th.    

Caitlynn DeFio, Jaisa Greenberg, Kyona Love, Claudia Najmula, and Sean Skelly proudly presented their work in front of an audience, explaining the purpose of their project and all they learned throughout the year.  After their presentation, students answered questions from the audience and displayed their work, including a large scale map of our campus, nature journals, and stories they published about animals they researched.

The night culminated with an award ceremony where Dr. Melvin Morris from the Office of Educational Programs at Brookhaven Lab and Mark Lesko, Supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven, congratulated the participants on their accomplishments.  Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Borst accepted two awards recognizing their participation in the Program.    

The families and teachers of these students are extremely proud of their accomplishment!

Please check out our story on the NYSUT website!

Open Spaces Celebration

Welcome 2012!

posted Jan 10, 2012, 5:27 PM by Jennifer Brown

Happy 2012! We are excited to start the new year off with our fabulous fourth graders! 
The new year brings exciting new learning to our classroom! 
In math, we have begun teaching students how to divide multi-digit numbers - aka "long division", as well as continuing to solidify students' understanding of multi-digit multiplication.  We will also emphasis students' ability to apply their math knowledge to word problems. 
In writing, we are beginning to write 5 paragraph essays, both on a chosen topic, as well as in response to literature. 
During the month of January we will re-assess students' guided reading levels using the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessments.  We will inform you as to your child's most recent level soon after they are assessed.  For more information about guided reading, please visit the link below.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.  We look forward to a fun, productive second half of the school  year!
- Mrs. Cook & Mrs. Borst

'Tis the Season!

posted Dec 19, 2011, 8:09 AM by Jennifer Brown

'Tis the season to celebrate the peace, love, and joy we have in our lives. 
This week, we will celebrate the season by baking some of the cookie recipes the students contributed for our classroom cookbook.  On Friday, we will enjoy these cookies { and hot chocolate :) } with our classmates.  If you would like to contribute an additional item for our classroom party, please let us know by Wednesday, December 21. 
We wish you and your family a safe, healthy holiday and a Happy New Year!

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