Weekly Update 1/20/2012 & Next Week Info

posted Jan 20, 2012, 5:11 PM by Sue Kellett
Dearest Families, 

The class had a great week! Today we finished off the week by making math gnome hats. In our class, new math concepts are introduced through  a story. This year we travelled to the land of Mathematica where Queen Equalita,Peter Plus, Trixie Times, Mortimer Minus, and Daphne Divide all work together to solve math riddles. Each gnome has a different personality (and color), one that matches the math process. The class loves this!! After a concept has been introduced through a story, the learners are connected to the learning in a meaningful way, and we delve deeper into the skills and application of the particular concept. It makes for joyful learning! 

Next Friday 1/27 we will have a Math Gnome Dress Up Day. The learners may dress as their favorite gnome and wear their gnome hat to school. A gnomes outfit can be fairly simple, so HAVE FUN!

Peter Plus-Greens
Trixie Times- Yellow and Oranges
Mortimer Minus-Blues
Daphne Divide-Red

Today I introduced a new character....Fox Girl and her family-Mouse Boy, Grandmother Dove and Grandfather Crow. They will take us further into place value, money and measurement. 

Have a wonderful Weekend!

-Jami and Erin