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Ms.Kinsey's(Bobrosky)Wish List




All class donations are appreciated, we can always use tissues and white printer paper, or check the class wish list page above!




I'm here! What should I use this site for?

  • If you are a parent; check the calendar to see what we are learning in class, what due dates are coming up, and what projects may be going on.


  • If you are a student use this site to stay up to date on assignments for your spiral, print out any extra/ replacement worksheets, finish copying class notes, look for fun & useful links to help you with units and projects!


  • If you were absent check this site before you come back to class and talk to me! Make sure to look at your class' calendar to see what you missed (you may need to click back in the calendar to get to the dates you missed!), copy and review any notes you may have missed, and print out any assignments you may have missed.