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With the colleges continuing to adjust their college admittance process and the involvement of GPA as well as updates to several of the IB curricula in the last 2 years, we are at the point where we have analyzed enough data for Skyline students that we felt we needed to address it in our IB grading scale. Data from the last 18 months (and beyond) informed the adjustment and solidified our decision to implement an IB standard that fairly reflects how students are challenging and stretching themselves in their learning.  As we do with all of our classes, we reflect, refine, and make adjustments that are appropriate and do so in a timely fashion.
A 100.00-92.00
A- 91.99-88.00
B+ 87.99-84.00
B 83.99-80.00
B- 79.99-76.00
C+ 75.99-72.00
C 71.99-68.00
C- 67.99-64.00
D+ 63.99-60.00
D  59.99-52.00

F 51.99-0.00 
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College/ACT/SAT Source for connecting students to college opportunity/success 
College/ACT/SAT A collection of great sites for kids from the American Library Association  
College/ACT/SAT Free study material for students taking SAT1 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Information regarding the International Baccalaureate 
Homework Help Formal Writing Dos & Don'ts 
Homework Help Literary Analysis Tips 
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