My Work Sites

I have included several work samples to give you a glimpse of the work that we have done in our class.

 Here you will find links for class wikis, blogs and projects.

 Here is our Class Blog.

Here are topics and videos for the students to respond to and post comments.  Posts are about current event items, journal reflections, puzzles and social issues.
 Here is our Class Wiki.

On this wiki I have assignments, notices and other important information for parents and students.
 Here is our Assignment Blog.

On this blog students and parents can find daily class assignments.
 Wikis Across the World

I created this project after meeting a teacher Bettina M. via PBWorks Summer Camp.  She reached out to me for an opportunity to collaborate with our classes in the creation of this workspace to assist her English Language Limited students.
 Scholarly Submissions

This site houses my students' wikipages.
 LA Glogs

Each class is asked to complete Glogs about their area of the world  Here is our contribution.
 Our Hurricane Song

I created this project to house assignments and information for our novel study, Hurricane Song.
 My Sample Student Blog

I created this blog as an example of how a student blog should look.
 Wikis Across the World

I created site to set up assignments for our ePals from Germany.
 Burton's Tech Tips

I created this wiki to provide co-workers with lots of techie ideas and resources.
Ending Gang Violence

Blog that houses a webquest.

The Necklace
This site examines story elements, author profile and activities from the story.
  "Thank You M'am"
Site contains information about the story, author profile and activities from the story.
 Star Crossed Lovers
This site houses the work that we will be doing surrounding Romeo and Juliet