Welcome to Room 221!

Keep Calm & Learn On!

Welcome back to Room 221!

We will be having a busy and productive year and as we get started, I want to mention a few really important things to be prepared for.

We will continue to follow the Mahoney 5 P's - which mean we will ALL need to be polite, prompt, productive, prepared and positive!

You also need to make sure you take VERY good care of your Mahoney planner.  We will be checking your planner each and every class, and it's going to be your ticket to leave the room.  Keep that planner safe and with you!

Our Mahoney Resource Team
Mrs. Bernard - Resource Room 221
Ms. Broda - Resource Room 212
Ms. McQuinn - Classroom Support 6th & 7th Grade
Mr. Robinson - Classroom Support 6th & 8th Grade

Our Class Rules:

Treat one another with respect!
Come to class prepared and ready to work.
Always do your best.
Be willing to take risks and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
"Keep Calm and Learn On!"

Classroom Projects & Activities

Here are some fun sites and activities that we will use as warm-ups and are great ways to stay fresh with our math and language art skills!

This is a fun way to get even more information on Harry and the rest of the gang at Hogwarts.  You can even get sorted in to houses and work on "magical" skills for House Points!  

FreeRice donates ten grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.  All you have to do is play along and do your best!

Our newest site that not only has wonderful lessons on math, but also great refresher lessons for language arts.  We will be watching and exploring playlists and this site can be accessed anywhere (and it's free!)!

Khan Academy is great to use if you need a reminder or some help at home!
We will set each of you up with an account during the first week of school, from there you can work on skills at home!

This is a fun atlas that let's students explore the world with content area and videos to help!  We will be using United Streaming in some of our classes, so this is a great way to get started exploring Discovery Education!

From Mrs. Bernard

Welcome back to Mahoney!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful summer, and are refreshed and ready to begin another wonderful year at Mahoney.  I am excited to see all of our returning 7th grade students, and to meet our new 6th graders!  

I had a relaxing summer filled with swimming, sailing, SUPing, running, biking and eating ice cream.  Summer in Maine is wonderful, and I am excited to share all my adventures with all of you.

I hope this is our best year yet, and that we all are ready to do our best work.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Mrs. Bernard


Now, bring me that horizon... 

Some memories from last year....