Making Bath Fizzies for Valentines Day


  • 119 mL baking soda
  • 89 mL citric acid
  • 15 mL white Kaolin clay
  • 9 mL grape seed oil
  • 5 mL poly sorbate 80
  • Vitamin E oil  (optional) Happy Stupid Valentine's Day ♥ by DenisenFamily
  • fragrance oil  (optional)
  • 1.5 ml borax
  • 1.5 mL gel colorant
  • spritzers of alcohol
  • Round plastic mold
  • Rubber gloves (from home)

    Web Quest Research Questions


The web sites are suggested for beginning your research.

     Baking Soda


    1.  What is the correct chemical name for baking soda?

    2.  What is the correct chemical formula for baking soda?

    3.  Is baking soda an ionic compound, a covalent compound or both?

    4.  Draw a ball and stick diagram of of baking soda?  Show what part of the compound is the cation and what part is the anion?

    5.  Name the polyatomic ion in baking soda.


    Citric acid

          9.  What is kaolin clay?  What are two purposes of  Kaolin clay in bath fizzies.
 Grape Seed Oil
         18.  Describe what will happen when the bath fizzy is thrown into a bath tub.   (There should be comment about each ingredient.)                                                           
Your 18 research questions must all be complete before you make your bath fizzy.


Tip: Complete mixing is very important throughout this process.


    1. 2Mix in the baking soda, citric acid, and Kaolin clay in large beaker.
    2. 2Put the grape seed oil, a little bit of Vitamin E oil (not provided) and poly sorbate 80 in a small beaker. Add one quarter of the gel colorant into the mix.
    3. 2Add borax to the oil mix.
    4. 2Add fragrance oil to the mix.  (less than .5 mL)
    5. 2Mix the oil mixture together well. Pour it right into the bowl of baking soda, citric acid, and Kaolin clay.
    6. 2Mix the mixture quickly in a circular motion.
    7. 2Squirt the mixture with alcohol. Give it three squirts, then mix well. Do it four times for a total of 12 squirts.
    8. 2The texture should become like damp sand once you’re done.
    9. 2To mold the fizzies, use two-part plastic craft molds. Pack each side very tightly and firmly. If you’re doing themes for your fizzies, put the designs on the molds first before packing the powder to the mold. The important part is to overpack the mold and place the other half on top. Don’t twist; just push-slide, and then squeeze, removing the excess along the edge.
    10. 2To remove the mold, give it a slight pinch and then remove.
    11. 2Let the ball dry for around 24 to 48 hours.
    12. 2Prepare the ingredient card (a list of the compounds used) and an evaluation card (see below).
    13. 2Package your bath fizzy in a hand-made container and include a list of the ingredients.
    14. 2Be prepared to explain the purpose of all of the ingredients in their bath fizzy.
Here is a video.  It is a bit differenct than our directions but interesting.

Beating heart valentine animation buttonDirections for Giving:  On Valentines Day give someone you love your bath fizzy.  I suggest a mom type person; and, oh, how happy she will be if you washed out the tub for her and maybe the rest of the bathroom too!  Mom’s love that stuff!


When you give Mom, or someone you love, their bath fizzy, ask them to notice the  ingredient card and explain to them the purpose of each ingredient.  Be sure to use the word surfactant and explain what a surfactant is. 



Product Evaluation


Make a card to go along with your gift.  It is to be filled out by the recipient of your bath fizzy.


List ingredients........ 


Did the producer of the Bath Fizzy describe the function of the ingredients effectively?

Yes         No


Do you now understand what a surfactant is and which ingredient is the surfactant in your Bath Fizzy?

Yes          No


Bubbles                       Too Little      Enough    Too Much


Water Smoothness      Too Little      Enough     Too Much


Skin Moisturizing         Too Little      Enough     Too Much


Fragrance                    Too Little      Enough     Too Much


Name of bath fizzy recipient  _____________________________________


What is your relationship to the producer of the bath fizzy?   ___________________________________________




Beating heart valentine animation buttonYou will need to turn in your web quest questions along with the completed evaluation card.