The Canopy Layer

What do you think of when you think of the Canopy layer of the rainforest? 

By definition, canopy means a covering held over something.

The Canopy Layer of the rainforest is home to many of the same animals as the Emergent Layer. Many birds, tree frogs, monkeys, bats and snakes live in this layer and receive their heat from when the sunlight hits the tops of these trees because most of the light does not make it to the forest floor through the thick leaves. There are also very diverse types of flora (plants and flowers) in this layer.The video below allows you to view what the rainforest in this layer is like because of a man-made canopy walkway. 

The Canopy Layer Virtual Tour

Video courtesy of YouTube

Please look at the pictures below and determine which creatures you could find in the Canopy Layer. 

Which animal does not belong in the Canopy Layer?

The answer is the Panther. Although this big cat can climb up into the tress to eat its prey, it primary home is not in the Canopy Layer of the rainforest. 

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