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Mon-Article annotated with questions

Tues-MLA and Work Cited on Future's Day paper

Wed-Last day of Hobbit. Started final assessment for novel. (Assessment can be found on Forms and Docs page)

Fri-Finish final on The Hobbit


Mon-Read day with worksheet

Tues-Logical Fallacies introduction

Thurs-Read, questions, literature circles

Fri-1st debate looking at logical fallacies



Mon-worked on the intro to the Future's Day paper (examples on the Forms and Docs page)

Tues-worked on body paragraphs for Future's Day paper (examples on the Forms and Docs page)

Wed-Read The Hobbit, literary circles and discuss archetypes. Work on essay if time.

Fri-work on completing 2-3 body paragraphs for Future's Day paper


Mon-worked on All Quiet essay or read depending on need

Tues-read "Snow" by Ann Beatie, find writer's craft, write intro on writer's craft

Thurs-read PH or EoE for 20 min., quiz, literary circles answering questions

Fri-tone lesson with music and read "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost



Mon-Article on failure. Annotate and answer two questions.

Tues-Start "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin

Wed-Read The Hobbit. Literature circles. Discuss archetypes again. Transition back to short story from Tuesday. Discuss theme



Mon-Work on All Quiet mini-essay. Establish theme

Tues-Read "King of Bingo." Focus on duality.

Thurs-Start Purple Hibiscus or East of Eden. Get into groups to discuss beginning of book and what you notice.

Fri-Intro and 1st body paragraph on "King of Bingo"



Mon-Interview questions for Future's Day. Read The Hobbit for Tuesday. Need to be to page 100.

Tues-Read for 20 min. Quiz on The Hobbit (need to be to 100). Literature circles discussing novel.


Mon-Mini-Lesson on numbers and book talk over Purple Hibiscus and East of Eden

Thurs-Signs and Symbols read and analyze. Write an intro and body paragraph.



Mon-Future's Day planning. What will you do to better yourself on Future's Day? Journal and article.

Tues-MLA formating for choice novel summary and hand in summary.

Wed-Read The Hobbit. Discuss the story line and add to hero's journey and character development. Start short story: "Indian Education."

Fri-Finish short story and analyze.


Mon-Listen to Franz podcast. Blueprint for Armegedon part 1, first 20 min.

Tues-Start "Suffer the Children" by Stephen King

Thurs-Read All Quiet, literature circles, finish story and analyze.

Fri-Model intro pragraph and body paragraph using writer's craft from "Suffer the Children" and theme.



Mon-Research an additional article on Future's Day topic and take notes

Tues-Write summary for choice novel

Wed-Start The Hobbit, discuss characters and hero's journey. Finish summary from Tuesday.

Fri-Read short story and answer questions on theme.


Mon-Lesson on color and significance in literature

Tues-Read "The Yellow Wallpaper" and take notes

Thurs-Podcast on Franz Ferdinand and literature circles

Fri-Write an intro paragram on "Yellow Wallpaper" and identify parts



Mon-Annotate article of the week and journal

Tues-Discuss possible topics for the 1st research paper & Start "The Lottery"

Wed-Read choice novel-need to be finished by Wednesday and finish "The Lottery"

Fri-Analyze the lottery and start to work on argument and analysis


Mon-Mini-lesson on weather in literature & start "Suffer the Children"

Tues-Finish story and start to write argument using literary elements

Thurs-Read All Quiet and get into Lit. Circle groups to discuss

Fri-"Girl in the War" poem



Mon-Age of drinking article and questions

Tues-Worked on reasonable assumptions and finished article

Wed-Read choice novel and discuss

Fri-Summarized "Charles" on your own


Mon-McCain article and questions

Tues-Start "Lamb of Slaughter" short story

Thurs-Listen to podcast and continue reading All Quiet on the Western Front. Get into groups and discuss.

Frid-Finished "Lamb of Slaughter"



Mon-No School

Tues-McCain article and annotations. Answer question 4

Wed-Read choice novel. Should be 1/2 done and add to story graph. Start "The Happiness Machine" short story.

Fri-Finish short story and summarize


Mon-No School

Tues-MLA on essay and hand in. Must be handed in by midnight.

Thurs-Start All Quiet on the Western Front and answer questions on character/settings/ect.

Fri-Practice tone with music and read "If"



Mon-Read an article on the benefits of reading, library scavenger hunt with Mrs. Livingston

Tues-Read for 20 min. Answer questions on choice novel

Wed-MAPS testing (bring book)

Fri-Vocabulary lesson and poetry


Mon-work on essay (computers in class)

Tues-work on essay (computers in class) Check out All Quiet from library.

Thurs-MAPS testing (bring All Quiet)

Friday-WW1 recap and beginning of novel



Mon-Syllabus handed out

Tues-Book Talk and Choose a novel to read

Wed-Read and discuss your choice novel. Review summary.

Fri-Picture Day!


Mon-Syllabus and class rules

Tues-Archetypes in Summer Reading novel

Thurs-Summer reading assignment and worksheets, rubric for paper handed out

Fri-Picture Day!

Welcome 9th and 10th grade students!

9th and 10th Honors:

Our first short week back will be a get-to-know-you project. You will all be writing a brief narrative where you tell me a little bit about yourself. You will then make book covers that represent who you are in a visual way.

Please take a look at the Forms and Docs to see the Syllabus posted for this semester. Parents or students, please e-mail with any questions.

I have added the Google Translate button on the website (seen below). Any content that you want to translate just highlight and copy the word(s) or sentences, click on the translate button, and paste them into the box that says English. Then switch the right box to the language that it needs to be translated to and hit "Translate."