Prayer Room

What is the Prayer Room? 
The prayer room is a place to pray on campus. We started having a prayer room on campus in 2011 and inshAllah are working on getting a permanent prayer room. Anyone is welcome to go in and pray in the room. We have prayer rugs on the floor placed in the qibla direction along with a abaya and hijab for the sisters to use. The times for praying in congregation will be posted soon inhshAllah so keep checking back. If you have any suggestions or concerns about the prayer room feel free to email us at or talk to one of the officers about it.

Where is the Prayer Room located? 
Once the Fall 2012 semester begins, we will be updating the prayer room location on this page. Keep checking back for updates! 
For the off campus jummah prayer location information, please click here
For the ON CAMPUS Jummah Prayer location, please click here

Prayer Times