About Us

A little about the Muslim Student Association @ UC Merced 

   The Muslim Student Association at UC Merced (MSA @ UC Merced) was first established in the year of 2005. It started off with three spirited students and alhamdulilah the members and officers were able to continue what they have started and is growing tremendously thanks to Allah (swt). 
    Our MSA aspires to connect Muslim students, the campus community, and local Muslims residing in Merced. It reaches out to the larger student body of UC Merced spreading knowledge about Islam and collaborating with other organizations to bring about positive changes to UC Merced.
    Our MSA hosts various events and activities such as Jumma Prayer, Eid Banquets, general body meetings, social events, exciting fundraisers, and prayer room services. We work closely with the local Muslim and other community leaders on various programs geared toward enhancing the students experience on and around campus. We welcome both Muslims and non-Muslims to participate in our club’s activities. If you would like to receive our program and service update emails please click here. 

If you would like to read more about our mission statement please click here.