Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani

I'm a post-doc at the University of Pennsylvania, working with Diego Contreras and Larry Palmer on visual encoding. 

You can reach me at
You can find some of my code on my github page.
My CV.

    News & Events
  • May 2017: Paper out in J Neurosci.
  • Jan 2017: Cosyne abstract accepted (poster). 
  • Aug 2016: Attended Dynamic Brain Summer workshop (comp neurosci).
  • Feb 2016: Talk at Cosyne (variability of thalamocortical EPSPs in cat V1).
  • Feb 2016: Attended Gordon Conference on Thalamocortical Interactions. 
  • Oct 2015: NIH-NEI F32 funded (Intracellular dynamics in cat visual cortex).
  • July 2015: TA for CSHL course on Neural Data Science.
  • Feb 2015: Poster at Cosyne.
  • July 2014: CSHL Computational Neuroscience in Vision course.