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Revision: September 2007

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Firewall Admin Project

    -- Stand alone php_iptstate 0.8.3 0.9.6 <- Download

[ find the original SqStat 0.9.5 Alex Samorukov]

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In Brief

   I've two contract for now. One with ARPC(Arak Petrochemical Company - Tehran Office) as a Senior IT Professional, Computer Systems and Network Expert Designer & Analyst. And another one with DPI(, working as a System/Service Expert, member of Technical Team "Tebyan IDC project". We design, and will implement, an IDC for company. It will be the 4th IDC in Iran. I've designed MySQL DB Cluster service, and Sun LDAP Cluster service uptonow.


You may find my latest Resume in this site or here:


   I die for *nix administration, programming and customization. I love to make automation using scripting languages, variety from Bash, PHP, and Perl to even Ruby, C, VBScript and CScript.

   I die for low level system monitoring, analysis, tune and troubleshoot. Looking for problems, using many system monitroing handies(File Monintors, Registry Monintor, TCP Viewer, Log Files, Disk Monitor, Process Tracker, Network Sniffers), then make a troublshooting solution.

   I die for low level packet trace and network traffic analysis for looking for problems to troubleshoot, tune and debug. I'm very familiar with many of protocols in TCP/IP protocol suite, from GRE, ICMP, IMAP, Ethernet and ARP to IPSEC, PPTP, DNS, SMTP, Net8 and NTP.

   I die for making handy tools for system administration, from buidling a monitoring deamon in a *nix system with web interface(Mostly using PHP), building an automated package for building a failover system, to build an auditing system for system security and/or troubleshooting, and even modifying opensource packages to meet my needs and senses, e.g. patch-o-matics of IPTABLES and Anaconda to be my installer. Network programming with using beautiful XML based protocols, e.g. SOAP, is a real pleasure.

   I die for Java, Ruby, C, C#, PHP, Matlab and BASH.

   I die for Microsoft InfoPath, XML, XSL and XSLT.

   I die for work on solutions with integrating opensource hacks in a real customized way.

   I don't die any more, But I work really hard and non-stop when I like it.