ME, Academics

This is me, but academic


This is ME, I mean Mehdi.

   Currently, I'm a student majoring in Master of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics in University of Isfanan. I've got my BS degree from Shiraz University, 5 years of memory.

    I like my major, too much. But unfortunately I could not pay to it enough :(.


   I've found what I looked for in my life from long before in Artifiical Life decipline. Swarm Intelligence as one of the interesting subjects that people work on in A-Life matter. DIP is one other thing that I really like, I guess it is because I spent much time on it in second semester and like it much. I spent so much time on doing my course project called "Pabman" using Matlab. It was really hard and also a real exciting pleasure for me.

And Now

    Now I'm working on thesis, "Using Swarm Intelligence in Multi-Agent Systems -- Case Study for RoboCup Rescue Simulation System(RCRSS)".

    I just get started and looked for previous works on SI and RCRSS. My advisor is Prof. Ghasem Agha'ee from UI. A real kind one :).