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#ShoestringSTEM #STEMforAll

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Shoestring STEM, a collection of STEM, STEM+Art STEAM, C-STEM, STEAMIE ideas, inspirations & featured lesson plans at low- to no-cost.

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Shoestring STEM Resources for the Classroom

NASA Old Skool software + engineering activities, New Skool: For EducatorsResource Search,

AIAA Aerospace Microlessons

Nifty Assignments

National Laboratories Education programs: STEMLBNLLLNL,PNNLSandia National LabSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
especially PNNL's smart phone microscope!

PBS Learning Media + Member Stations such as KQED Education

Culturally Situated Design Tools

AR & VR: Google Maps + Google EarthGoogle Lit TripsBuild With Lego + My Maps + Google Street ViewAndroidiOS

PBS Kids Design Squad

Coding using FREE programming languages #CSforAll

Facilitating Learning

Instructional Models:


Learning Management System (LMS) needed?

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Oct 27, 2016, 6:15 PM