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2012-02 Scratch All Subjects

Scratch Programming catScratch All Subjects - presented by Margaret Agbowo

Scratch for All Subjects aims to share how computational thinking can "scratch" the surface of any subject taught to students. The intent of this workshop is to introduce educators to Scratch, and ways to introduce Scratch to students before they take off and learn more than you could imagine! Scratch can be used directly with students creating models, animating stories, creating experiments, checking facts and equations, and making games. Scratch can also be used indirectly with students by teachers doing the same.

Before Workshop: Participants should attempt to download Scratch prior to workshop:, but time will be provided in workshop.

Scratch Basics

  1. low to high: Scratch Cards
  2. low to average: Getting Started Guide
  3. average to high: 22 Scratch Worksheets

Technology Survey

How comfortable are you with technology? What about with technology that hasn't been invented yet? How does this translate into your teaching practice? >>> ISTE NETS for Teachers Essential Conditions

Beyond Tutorials

Search uploaded files at and copy or modify the code.

Find curriculum or ideas at, Scratch Educators' community.

Across the Curriculum

ScratchEd >>> by Curricular Area >>> California State Standards

Animation, Story telling
  • story (writing, history)
  • characters (art, web search)
  • movement (math-coordinate plane)
  • dialog (writing)
  • backgrounds (art)

Game Design
  • goal (project)
  • characters (art)
  • movement (math-coordinate plane)
  • end of game (math-equations)
  • Let's Play

Modelling, Experiments, Equations

  • math (numbers, coordinate plane)
  • using random

Instructional Models for Lesson Planning


Virtual Sensor Board

Physical Sensor Board

Examples from Ms. Agbowo's students


Scratch website:
Scratch Ed (for educators):

Ready-Made Curricula

Colleen Lewis, UC Berkeley (in Moodle, copy available)

ScratchEd Team, Lifelong Kindergarten Group

Instructional Models

Instructional Strategies encyclopedia

Instructional Models

Instructional Design Models

eLearning Guild presentation, website