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2014-11-15 Novice Code-a-thon

East Bay CUE's Novice Code-a-thon November 15, 2014 logo

East Bay CUE presents Novice Code-a-thon

Introduce teachers who are novice computer programmers to find and integrate a coding lesson into their curriculum to participate in the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week during December 8-14, 2014.
Location: Berkeley Technology Academy, 2701 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703

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Planning Your Hour of Code


Hour of Code Tutorials
Designed for user to follow along

Educational programming languages Beginner tutorials. Scheduled to launch new Hour of Code curriculum on Nov 17th. Thinking Games

Good practices: Pseudo-Code, Readable Code (Khan Academy)

Storytelling Alice

Unplugged: No Computer or Internet Required

CS Unplugged

CS Ed Week (scroll to Unplugged section)

read Computational Fairy Tales by level 

Khan Academy computer programming and HOC courses (coming mid-November):
  • Hour of Drawing with Code (JS+ProcessingJS)
  • A block-based, tablet-optimized version of that (where blocks represent ProcessingJS function calls)
  • Hour of Webpages (HTML/CSS basic tags, list images)
  • Hour of Databases (Using SQL to create tables, insert data, aggregate stats)

19 ways to learn to code

Subject-Specific Ideas

  • story telling, animated stories: explain a concept
  • web pages: share information on a topic
  • problem solving: program simulation, solution for specified problem
  • article "Coding across the curriculum"

Other Ways to Participate in CS Ed Week

Computer Science is evidenced in almost everything we do, so celebrate it any time of the year!

How to host an Hour of Code

Honorable Mentions We Can't Get to Today

  • HTML(instant gratification)
  • Minecraft and Minecraft EDU
  • Lego Mindstorm
  • Raspberry Pi
  • App Inventor

Compilation Resources

Agbowo's Pins

I did a whole lot of brainstorming then found these resources

You Asked For It

K-3 Coding
Honestly, the youngest students can learn the same as older students, just with more scaffolding and patience! But these tools were designed for their specific needs: no to low reading, dexterity, color. 

A lot of what's offered for the youngest group are apps, some also have web components.
Free classes on compilers
Computer resources
  • OTX West for Oakland schools and residents
  • Donors Choose
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ask companies & organizations to donate old equipment
  • ask your tech department

Your Ideas

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