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2014-11-01 Fall CUE Rehashed

East Bay Workshop CUE Fall CUE Rehashed 11-01-2014

2014 Fall CUE Rehashed

Agbowo's Suggested Themes

2014-11-01 Fall CUE Rehashed Themes

Fall CUE 2014 Presenters


(notes, resources, parking  lot, discussions)

Welcome to our discussion!9:08am, Sat, Nov 1, 2014 by MsAgbowo

3 things you can teach Monday11:55am, Sat, Nov 1,

EBCUE: member meetup to create strands for members, beginner/intermediate/advanced11:55am, Sat, Nov 1,

members indicate interest on Sched and monitor repeating session or moving session to larger room12:00am, Sat, Nov 1,

Coding for Everyone12:09am, Sat, Nov 1,

project management around video projects12:09am, Sat, Nov 1,

project managing student production of video narratives12:12am, Sat, Nov 1,

cinematic storytelling12:12am, Sat, Nov 1,

EBCUE User Groups/Google Group12:23am, Sat, Nov 1,

Coffee_EDU12:25am, Sat, Nov 1, Coffee_EDU12:25am, Sat, Nov 1,

Chromebook User Group googleschool@googlegroups.com12:25am, Sat, Nov 1,

Chromebook & K12 educator groups, CUE group in Linked in12:26am, Sat, Nov 1,

OTX West www.otxwest.org12:32am, Sat, Nov 1,

$1500 EBCUE's Doug Prouty grant: eastbaycue.org12:33am, Sat, Nov 1,

Raspberry Pi: $80 find a monitor & peripherals for free12:34am, Sat, Nov 1,

Donors Choose grant12:34am, Sat, Nov 1,

GetFunding.com12:36am, Sat, Nov 1,

Don't have a whiteboard? Check out, Educreations interactive whiteboard12:42am, Sat, Nov 1,

edutools12:42am, Sat, Nov 1,

edutools: project from iPad12:42am, Sat, Nov 1,

ELEARNING STRATEGIES SYMPOSIUM Dec. 11-13, 2014 at the San Mateo Marriott/SFO in San Mateo, CA, Sat, Nov 1,

want a speaker's presentation? email and ask for it12:51am, Sat, Nov 1,

learn & share resources: Edmodo groups12:52am, Sat, Nov 1,

csta.acm.com12:56am, Sat, Nov 1,

alice.org12:56am, Sat, Nov 1,, Sat, Nov 1,, Sat, Nov 1,, Sat, Nov 1,

Middle School curriculum fair: East Bay territory, Arduino project with funding12:59am, Sat, Nov 1,

in Spring 20151:00pm, Sat, Nov 1,

with training1:00pm, Sat, Nov 1,

Minecraft1:03pm, Sat, Nov 1,

visit San Lorenzo 4th grade teacher: incredible job with devices in 4th grade classroom1:06pm, Sat, Nov 1,

classroom tech management not taught1:09pm, Sat, Nov 1,