Join me for a day of coding with's courses and materials!

I became an Affiliate of because the non-profit has taken on a challenge that baffled many and hit the ball out of the park in its 1st year: 10,000 computer science teachers. More importantly as a computer science teacher, has created curriculum similar to many materials I've used from various websites and organizations, all in 1 convenient location. With CS Principles comes a computer science pathway, and CS in Algebra and CS in Science, provides integration, along with resources making coding easy for novice and advanced teachers and students.

Why is coding important to me?

I've been coding since 3rd grade. My school received a Macintosh (now called Apple) grant for a new computer lab and software. Every student received computer lab time until the grant concluded, then those of us fortunate enough had parents who paid for the classes. I was a student who completed work early, so my teachers began giving me computer assignments. The rest is history: computational thinking, computer science intended major, cognitive science major, educational technology master's, teaching and training technology.

Why should coding be important to you? 

Teaching 21st century learners and future employees, technology will be part of every job, and coding will separate those solely on the receiving end of technology and those able to influence their personal outcome. But coding is more than its end product: the power is computational thinking, problem solving, persistence, and accomplishment, soft skills that power students in any career. Imagine students achieving positive results in 1 class and it impacts performance in other classes: this is what coding provides and how it does influence education outcomes.

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  • Code Studio curriculum
  • Computer Science vocabulary
  • Strategies for teaching computer science
  • Integrating CS in your curriculum
  • Achieving equity in CS
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