About Ms. Agbowo

Using technology to teach and learn...and have fun doing it!

CUE 2016 Outstanding Teacher

My name is Ms. Agbowo, you can call me Ms. A until you can pronounce ah-bo-wo. 

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I have serious Computer Love: I love all things technology because it's so cool to use something technical to do the same thing differently, sometimes faster sometimes not. Here's my CV/resume.

I love to travel: I've been all over North America, parts of Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. You meet all kinds of interesting people when you travel, which is the best part. 

What do you need to accomplish and how hard will you work to accomplish it? Do you have the technology to help you complete a task as efficiently as possible? Do you know what you need but not how to use it?

Everyone doesn't love technology, especially when it doesn't work as expected. But you have to admit that once you get the hang of it, you learn to love it! That's what I specialize in: making you aware of and comfortable with the technology you need to make your job easier!

My blog, EduTekk, is where I share educational resources I find helpful or interesting, or may be helpful to my peers. I teach computers and help integrate technology into traditional subjects so there are quite a few resources for any subject.[Update: click Teacher Tools to see ed tech resources]

My other blog, K-12 Computer Science, documents the makings of a computer science curriculum. These are technical skills that will be useful to any person in their working career and I believe these skills should be obtained prior to college. There are other technical skills that help exhibit children's creativity and to develop higher order thinking skills, which is our job as educators.This blog hosts my resources, thoughts, suggestions, and improvements on what I implement in the classroom.

My Curricula Sites (Grade levels)

Coding Curricula

Begin teaching coding by following existing curriculum or choosing lessons to incorporate in your unit.

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