At the Core of Academic Literacy

Language is the essential condition of knowing, the process by which experience becomes reality.
                                                                                                                                Halliday (1993)

This strand introduces a functional linguistic and genre specific perspective to reading and writing across academic disciplines through a developmental approach. The course will assist participants to create a set of functional linguistic tools and strategies for understanding how meaning is created in different genres. We will analyze written texts, both academic and student-constructed, from different disciplines and at different levels. Participants will apply these tools and strategies to an action research project that they teach in their discipline and academic level.



  • Develop an understanding of the functional linguistic and genre specific approach as it applies to different academic disciplines and levels;
  • Recognize the connection between content knowledge and academic language in different academic content areas;
  • Identify the elements of functional linguistic analysis;
  • Use the elements of functional linguistic analysis and genre based pedagogy to address learning needs of English learners and struggling readers;
  • Incorporate tools and strategies into unit plans and daily lesson plans; and
  • Cultivate a curiosity about and habit of inquiry into the language of an academic discipline and level.