Welcome to Mr. Zazula's eighth-grade United States history website! 
Announcements from Mr. Zazula:

(February 15, 2019)
CLICK HERE to access the debate topics research page.

(January 17, 2019)
Here are the four political cartoons from today.

(January 7, 2019)
THIS is the gallery walk we worked on today.

(November 16, 2018)
Read-in day link -----> https://www.bluford.org/audiobooks/

(November 6, 2018)
US HISTORY - this is the link to the readings on Pre-Independence.

(October 30, 2018)
Advisory - click here to access the SEL survey.

(October 15, 2018)
Current events class - this is the "World Country Research Project Rules"

(September 27, 2018)
Current events class (NOT US HISTORY) - THIS IS THE LINK to the directions to our project.

(September 24, 2018)
Anyone who would like to access the gallery walk images - click here!

(September 24, 2018)
Current events class - click HERE for the website to use for researching debate topics. Then, click on the student surveys on the LEFT and fill out the top survey called "Current Events Research Presentation Sign-Up".

(September 20, 2018)
US HISTORY - click "Student Surveys" on the left hand side to access the Columbus Journal SQUEEZE activity.

(September 18, 2018)
Current events class - click here for the PowerPoint you need today and click here for the document you will need to copy and paste.

(September 14, 2018)
Current events class - click here for the Newseum assignment.

(September 13, 2018)
For those of you whose parents could not attend the Back to School Night, here is the Powerpoint.

(September 12, 2018)
For my current events class: use this website to access Student Daily News. Choose an article from June or September to read and answer ALL the questions at the bottom. To answer the questions, open up a Google Doc and share Mr. Zazula's email: szazula@valleycharterschool.org. I look forward to seeing your answers!

(August 23, 2018)
Hi all!
Thanks for a great first day - it was awesome meeting you all! Heads up - I am asking for an individual folder/small binder for US History this year. I will be checking for this FOR CREDIT on Tuesday. I look forward to getting to know everyone these first couple weeks!

(August 8, 2018)
Hi everyone, 
I am so excited to join the Valley Charter Middle School team! Please feel free to look around and check the site out. I look forward to a great journey with you all through American history this school year!

- Mr. Zazula