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When they say a religious person is one who conceives himself or herself to be the instrument of some purpose in the universe, which is a high purpose, and is the motive power of evolution-that is, of a continual ascent in organization and power and life and extension of life. George Bernard Shaw once said any person who realizes that there is such a Power and that his business and joy is to do its work and his pride and point of honor to identify himself with it, is religious. 

Yaphet Kotto trusted in his abilities to rescue himself from the streets of New York’s Harlem, rather than just surrender himself to revealed ‘faith’ His reasoning power elevated his consciousness over fear and myth and his positive c character become a fixture in his mind as a whole and from 1969 until today he built himself into international recognized personality throughout the world. 

His novel, Patheras SPQR which is intended to make philosophical concepts including consciousness, morality, and ultimate explanation more accessible to readers who don’t have much of a background in these fields. 

Yaphet created this website to promote the ideas of this book and to engage in discussions with this site’s visitors. If you have any questions or comments about any of the concepts or opinions provided within this site, please visit his Facebook page and let your voice be heard. You can also send Yaphet a personal email with any questions or comments. This site also contains a blog, in which Yaphet explains certain concepts and answers about the book and his plans.

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